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Marketing and sale Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 words

Marketing and sale - Assignment Example Specifically, the current focus group will concentrate on; The first step of a focus group project is to determine various components and project partners. The current focus group project is on a newly developed ‘all natural granola style cereal.’ So, project partners for this focus group will be participants such as, housewives, young consumers of the age group 21-30, young executives and middle-aged professionals. Project partner will also include a moderator, a auditing expert, a technical and a assistant. The total number of participants included in the group will be 10. The focus group is expected to be diverse providing feedback and ideas from different perspectives. As such, the selected focus group will be a mix of male, female and young participants, who are consumers of cereals (NCBI, 2013). Sampling of Cereal Brands: During first stage of the focus group project, a sample survey test will be included and the attendees will be given three cereal brands, where only one brand will be of the company. They will be asked to differentiate on the basis of taste, appearance and likeness. Some of the model questions that can be asked to participants in the sampling survey are: Focus group interview: In the second stage, questions will be asked separately to the focus group regarding quality, taste and other features of the product. Some of the questions that can be asked during the cereal sampling are; Focus Group discussion: The next stage will include an open discussion forum, where the participants will express their views and opinions regarding product, usage and avenues for further improvements. Analysis: After successful conduction of a focus group, the next important stage will be dissemination of data and information gathered during the process. Analysis of the data will help in evaluating alternatives and deciding appropriate actions

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Risk Management Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Risk Management - Coursework Example Change in management structure Preliminary Risk Analysis Given the fact that there are different priorities for the said project, there is the tendency that there will be major changes in the organizational management to suit some priorities as against others. The preliminary risk analysis would be used as qualitative analysis to identify the undesired event of organizational change and then suggest possible improvements and other suitable preventive mechanisms (Keong, 2002). Unavailability of hardware Hazard and Operability studies (HAZOP) The construction of spacecraft is an engineering project that demands a very high quantum of hardware input. There could however be possible unavailability and shortages. Once this happens, it would constitute an operational hazard (Perry, 2008). To this end, a hazard and operability studies would be useful in the â€Å"application of a formal systematic critical examination of the process and engineering intentions of new or existing facilities to assess the hazard† (Keong, 2002). ... This not withstanding, HAZOP can be used as a qualitative analysis to identify suitable replacements in systems that would not bring about the system requirement changes. Delays in specifications Failure Mode and Effects Analysis(FMEA/FMECA) The project would bring about the need to deal with essential interfaces that would have to be specified on regular time margins. However, there is the risk that these specifications may delay and not arrive on schedule. Such delays may cause failures in implementation, and this is why the failure mode and effects analysis would be necessary in identifying the mode of failure and the threat it would pose to the entire project. Underestimation of project size Fault tree analysis At the preparation stage of project management, extensive time is spent on budgeting and estimation of the project size. There is however the risk that external factors, such as inflation and shortage of hardware could bring about an underestimated project size. The fault tree analysis when used in this analysis would help in building a chronology of all possible causes of the risk so that with the line of cause well known, preventive mechanisms can be schemed towards the risk (Heldman, 2005, p. 132). Underperformance of CASE tool Failure Mode and Effects Analysis(FMEA/FMECA) The nature of the current spacecraft construction demands the preparation of a CASE tool. However, there is the risk that the CASE tool may not performance as much as it should perform. Once this happens, it would be considered a failure and thus a failure mode and effects analysis would be necessary in quantifying the mode of failure and predicting possible scope of effect of the failure on the product. Technological changes Fault tree analysis Technology is one of the

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Organic Foods Essay Example for Free

Organic Foods Essay When we see the word ? organic on a carton of an organic whole milk or on a plastic bottle of Stonyfield Farms organic low fat yogurt, the words and phrases such as ? pure, ? chemical-free, ? natural and ? healthy naturally comes to mind, and there is little doubt in these assumptions. Organic foods are dairy, produce and poultry products that were treated with no pesticides, growth hormones, or antibiotics. Organic foods have been generating a lot of hype because of the food safety that it offers an individual. Another reason is the documented claims proving organic foods having a generally fresher taste than their conventional counterparts. And lastly, organic foods offer much more healthy benefits, meaning it has a higher nutritional amount than a non? organic food. The question that potential organic consumers seem to ask pertaining to this issue is that is it worth paying for. Even with its higher cost, organic foods are a worthwhile choice for a better health and nutrition. Various tests by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization demonstrated that some apples, such as the Golden Delicious, scored higher taste scores when grown organically. Also, because organic farms tend to be smaller, they often sell their products closer to the point of harvest. Thus, organic fruits and vegetables taste more farm fresh than comparable conventional produce. However, organic foods might also have more flavor because organic farmers often breed with taste instead of marketability as the primary factor. Conventional tomatoes, for example, are often bred to be perfectly red and round, to match the ideal appearance of a tomato, meaning that taste is an attribute that has a lower priority in these products. In addition to crop diversity and selection practices, organic farming emphasizes soil nutrition, which can positively influence the taste of the food. The main criticism surrounding organic food is that its costs are expensive and is elitist, because of how only rich people can afford it. The magazine Consumer Reports stated in its article When It Pays to Buy Organic that typical organic foods costs from 50% to 100% the price of conventional items, but according to a Primary Health Care article, published studies concluded that an organic produce is packing with a significant increase in nutrients and dry matter. Organic produce has 27% more Vitamin C, 29. 3% more magnesium, and 21% more iron compared to the non-organic; also contain 26% more dry matter, which means that it does not shrink as quickly when cooked as there is less water that will evaporate. Organic food may seem to be expensive at first glance, but when you look at all the factors that come with the product, it is a better buy in the end. Knowing what organic products to buy, and what not to buy will also help out cut the unnecessary purchases of everything organic. The United States of Department of Agriculture listed apples, bell peppers, celery, cherries, grapes, nectarines, peaches, pears, potatoes, red raspberries, spinach and strawberries as the dirty dozen that should be consumed as often as organic. The USDAs own testing reports that their conventional counterparts accumulate a good number of pesticide residues, which has numerous negative effects. The USDA continues by suggesting to consume organic meat and poultry to help avoid the effects of the mad-cow disease, and buying organic baby food in order to prevent the baby from having exposure to toxins. Organic seafood, on the other hand, were not suggested to be purchased, for there is not enough documentation that it has significant differences with its conventional counterpart. The health benefits that organic products offer just outweigh the costs so far. In 2002, Danny Asami et al.of the Department of Food Science and Technology did a research on the amount of phenolic content (which provides protection against cancer) and Vitamin C content of conventional and organic produces, and concluded that the fruits that were grown organically possessed significantly higher concentrations of both phenolic and Vitamin C. Organic tomatoes have much more lycopene in them, and organic fruits and vegetables contain more flavonoids. Organic milk has its perks too, for Danish Institute of Agricultural Research proclaimed that it has higher amounts of Vitamin E, beta-carotene and several antioxidants than regular whole milk. The food safety that organic products offer cant be denied either. Pesticides that are often found on non-organic foods have its obvious negative effects, and also some subtle ones. Such effects like immune suppression, hormone disruption, neurological damages are the risks that pesticide residues are leaving in a non-organic food. New studies also show that pesticides are capable of being passed from the womans womb to its offspring, which may cause numerous implications to the fetuses brain. Unfortunately, organic products do contain pesticide remains at all, however for the people who seek to reduce the risks of a pesticide residue, organic products are a much better option. Organic foods can not only give us peace of mind, but it provides us with such substance that non-organic food is lacking. It gives us the freshness that nature has intended for us all along, and in a society where health gives us power, we cannot go wrong on eating healthy and enjoying it at the same time. Our health is worth everything, so while the cost may be too steep, the profits that it brings back to us are far more redeeming.

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Thomas Becket vs Henry II :: European Europe History

Thomas Becket vs Henry II The High Middle Ages was a time of power struggles between the Church and the State. Increases in royal power and expeditions like the Crusades symbolized the teeter-totter of the balance of power between the two foundations, and a prime example of the fight for power is the conflict of Henry II, King of England, and Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury. Henry II gained his throne thanks to the efforts of his mother, who fought to maintain her family's stature in the royal family tree. Thomas Becket was the son of a wealthy London merchant, and lived a life of no worries. Theobald, the Archbishop of Canterbury at the time, recognized Becket's intelligence, and he was put under Theobald's church tree. There, Becket gained experience and serious attention from his great successes as the Archbishop's trusty servant, and King Henry II laid an eye on him also. Seeing Becket's potential intelligence, Henry II appointed Becket to the position of Chancellor of England. In England, the Chancellor was second-in-command only to the King. Any man of this stature was given great power, and any man placed in this position must be able to match his expectations. Henry's instincts were accurate, and Becket performed amazingly at his new position. He revolutionized how England's government was run, and turned the quiet castle into a busy place of work. Becket's fame rose instantly, gaining attention from all over England, and quickly gained the reputation of being Henry's greatest loyal worker. Becket, aside from being Henry's most trustworthy servant, also became Henry's greatest friend. Henry frequently visited Becket for dinner, and the two would discuss issues and exchange ideas almost every night. Henry was able to derive one conclusion from their dinner sessions à  Thomas Becket was the most intelligent man in all of England. At this point in time, the Church and State of England fought mainly for power over the judicial system of England. Henry II wanted to enforce common law in his country, a system of justice with a jury that accuses suspects and royal judges that determine the sentence on the criminals. The Church, headed by the archbishop of Canterbury, wanted to keep their traditional system of canon law. The huge flaw in canon law was apparent to all of England, but the church was not willing to back down to the State. In the church's court system, the two greatest concerns were the immunity granted to church officials and the immunity granted to those who sought sanctuary.

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Food Intake-3 Day Essay

There are 3,500 calories in 1 pound (0.45kg) of fat and I would need to burn 500/1000 calories more than I consume in each day in order for me to lose 1/21lb. of fat per week. I have discovered that in order for me to lose fat, I created a calorie deficit, however I had to avoid my body going into starvation response. In order for me to lose my body fat, I had to outmaneuver my body natural fat storage system. In order for me to be successful with my dietary strategies I used the following: Reduce my calories by only a small amount Eat small and frequent meals every three hours Apply Calorie Tapering Follow a â€Å"cyclical† or â€Å"zigzag† calorie rotation First I had to determine my daily requirements by using a calorie calculator. I was able use the weight loss calculator to determine the time and calorie deficit required to reach my target weight. For my optimal weight loss I reduced my calories to 15-20% below maintenance. When I did not make progress I increased this later, the larger my deficit produced, the quicker my body caught on. I learn that my first step should be to increase my activity levels. By me creating a larger calorie deficit, I had to exercise, cardio to burn calories, resistance training to maintain muscle mass. Secondly I used the â€Å"cyclical† and â€Å"zigzag† calorie rotation system by simply reducing my calorie intake over 3 days followed by one day where I eat little more. I realized this system of calorie rotation was enormously  successfully at maintaining my muscle, while losing body fat. It avoids the problem of my body adapting to me lowering my calorie intake and slowed down my metabolism to the point where I did not see any results. To me I did well with carbohydrates meeting my DRI, but with my protein I was at seventeen percent, and then my fat total was somewhere around thirty percent. I was so surprised at the numbers they were not even close to my expectations it was a big letdown. I learned that during these three days I didn’t meet my required DRI because I don’t eat right. I tried to eat a balanced meal every day, but it was very hard because I can go without eating at times so my food intake was not good I eat a lot of fast food or no food. I am not anywhere near healthy. I know that I need to increase my protein intake to help me reach my goals. I want to lose a little weight so I need to exercise so my fat can start going away. I think healthy eating is important to my body. Healthy eating will provide my body with the nutrients and energy to help my body function properly. Nutrients provide my body energy that I need to keep my brain cells active, the heart pumping, and the muscle flexible, and also to keep up with my 5-year old. To increase my fiber intake I will try to eat more whole grain items. I will take out fruits juices I’ve learned that they do not contain much fiber if any at all. I will also eat more beans. If you have insufficient intake of nutrients it can limit your body’s immunity. It will also limit your body from rebuilding its self from the daily activities and will not allow your muscles to rebuild themselves. Some people don’t know that this can cause people to have irregular bowel movements, get infections, and decrease your ability to remember things, so you really need to get the proper nutrients, and vitamins that you need because we only have one body. I have learned that I have not so good eating habits for one when it comes to eating healthy that is not me I do not always eat breakfast and that is the best way to start your day. Although my eating habits are not so great I learned that it is not too late to change them. All I need to do is take one day at a time and start by having breakfast every day.

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The Battle Of The War During World War II - 862 Words

As the Allies were eager for the war in Europe to be over, they pursued a campaign of bombings. This was especially common in the industrial centers within German borders. Although the military leaders reiterated that the loss of live incurred due to the bombings and subsequent firestorms was within the necessities of war, it was still an unpopular strategy in the minds of many in western society. In addition to the air bombing that took place, the Allies also had ground forces within the Continent. Starting with the the attack on June 6, 1944 named Operation Overlord, the Allies began to make headway in regaining territory occupied by German forces. Operation Overlord, commonly referred to as D-Day, was a joint effort with both British and American forces that looked to take the beaches in Normandy France. Though this campaign resulted in a large casualty count, the Allies were able to retain the beaches, setting the stage for even greater numbers of land forces to enter into the European theater. The Allies had agreed that they did not want a repeat of the Great War. Germany would not be allowed to sue for peace, and only their unconditional surrender would end the fighting. It was with that in mind that the Allies marched into German territory. British and American forces closed in from the Western front, with Stalin’s Red Army from the East. As the Red army headed toward Warsaw, the British and American forces attempted to retake the system of bridges in North GermanShow MoreRelatedThe Battle Of Midway During World War II1285 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction The Battle of Midway was a critical turning point of the war in the Pacific during World War II. Attribution to American success is in direct relation to their ability to conduct signal collection and crypto-analysis leading to the battle. The elimination of this capability from consideration during the preparation for this battle will drastically influence the outcome. Through critical reasoning and battle analysis, this paper will determine the level of effect of the capabilityRead MoreBattle Of Midway During World War II1168 Words   |  5 PagesBattle of Midway The Battle of Midway was a very important battle in the Second World War because it basically shaped out the war for the Allied Powers, as well as for the Axis Powers. This battle also happens to be one of the most important naval battle of the time. The Battle of Midway was a very important battle in the Pacific Ocean during World War II. The battle was between The United States of America and the Empire of Japan. This would be the second battle that would feature of the UnitedRead MoreThe Battle Of Midway During The World War II1967 Words   |  8 PagesThe battle of Midway was a Naval battle between the Japanese and the US that took place between the 4th and 7th of June 1942. The battle took place just off the coast of the Midway Islands which is known to be the midway point between Hawaii and Japan. This battle was the first naval battle in which the ships in combat never fired guns at or even saw each other. The battle was fought using aircraft taking off us Aircraft carriers who flew to the enemy ships and engaged them there. This battle is aRead MoreThe Battle At Midway During World War II2000 Words   |  8 PagesAbstract The battle at Midway was a pivotal moment in World War II. The United States Navy was in desperate need for victory, while the over-confident Japanese military force was riding on the tails of previous success. The U.S. gained intelligence and surprised the unsuspecting Japanese fleet. The battle was swift and just, with Japan sustaining a significant loss of life. Their loss of artillery, equipment and supplies proved to be unsurmountable. These losses led to a major shift in momentumRead MoreThe Battle Of Anzio During World War II3129 Words   |  13 PagesThe Battle of Anzio was a good plan executed poorly, which led to a stalemate resulting in one of the highest concentrations of field artillery in history. The Battle of Anzio or Operation Shingle would turn into a bloody stalemate lasting nearly four months. The Battle of Anzio happened during World War II. World War II was the largest, most destructive war ever fought. Fought all over the world, World War II resulted in an estimated fifty to seventy million deaths. (Gibson) World War II beganRead MoreThe Battle Of Midway During World War II Essay2032 Words   |  9 PagesThe Battle of Midway was fought from June 3rd to June 5th, 1942 between the Japanese and United States during World War II. The end result of this battle was the destruction of four Japanese carriers, two cruisers, three destroyers, and two-hundred and ninety-two aircraft by U.S. fighters and dive bombers. Conversely, the U.S. only lost a carrier, the USS Yorktown, a destroyer, the USS Hammann, and 145 aircraft. Unlike previous battles which were fought through traditional tactics, the Battle of MidwayRead MoreThe Battle Of Anzio During The World War II2160 Words   |  9 PagesIntroduction World War II was a large scale war including many countries such as Germany, America, and Italy. Its gruesome warfare ended in over sixty million casualties. The war began on September 1, 1939, and ended on September 2, 1945. Its origins can be found in Germany when Adolf Hitler launched an attack on Poland, which caused both Britain and France to enter into war with the Third Reich. At the time, Italy was aligned with Germany and many countries declared war on Italy in 1940. The UnitedRead MoreThe Battle Of The Trenches During World War II1999 Words   |  8 Pagesto describe life in the trenches during the first World War. Offensive advancements were quickly met with standoffs, leaving soldiers living in dirt holes in the ground for months at a time. To overcome the stalemates brought on by trench warfare in WWI, technological advances were made, such as poison gas, tanks, and machine guns, that have changed warfare even to this day. Trench warfare defined the first world war. Prior to the start of the â€Å"War to end all wars,† generals believed offensive attacksRead MoreThe Battle Of Moscow During World War II1018 Words   |  5 Pages Battle of Moscow By Tara Sanchez Submitted to Mrs. Susan Juza April 30, 2015 Tara Sanchez Mrs.Juza World History 1 May 2015 The Battle of Moscow World War II was full of conflicts between countries all over the world. Although most people only know things about the holocaust or Hitler s affect on the World War II, there are other important events that have affected many countries. The Battle of Moscow was a major battle between the Soviet Union and Germany. Ironically, the SovietRead MoreThe Battle Of The Allied Powers During World War II1528 Words   |  7 PagesAt a time when the Allied powers had very little success in World War II, the idea of an amphibious landing was explored thoroughly and determined to be the only way to get a foothold into Hitler’s empire. The invasion was a bloody 3 day encounter on 5 beaches that resulted in an enormous exchange between Hitler and the Allies. Because of this, it gave a rise to the power to the Allies in Europe when D-day was victorious. From 1941-1944 the Allies goal was to defeat Germany first. For many months

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The Influence of the US and USSR in the...

During the period following World War 2.The new Zionist movement of Jews immigrating to the Middle East to establish a homeland for all Jews in what was now Israel after being displaced for many years. This led to conflict between the Arabs and the Jews about who had rights to this homeland, with both the Arab Muslims and the Jewish Israelis having biblical claims to the cities in the Middle East. This conflict was further fuelled by both the USA and the USSR as they were trying to spread their sphere of influence by supplying aid in the form of weapons, ammunition and support to gain access to valuable resources and water ways. However their involvement was not a direct factor leading to the conflict between Israel and the Arab states but rather prolonging it by supplying tools of war. To begin with the USA had strong interests in the Middle East due to its resource rich lands and strategic importance in the world and would secure these aims by aligning themselves with Israel to land a foothold in the Middle East. The USA had strong interests in the Middle East for two main reasons the first being oil. The USA has always put its sources of oil on a priority. So when the Middle East became unstable the USA’s first goal was to secure its source of oil. Secondly was the strategic location of Middle East being the link between three continents and home to the Suez Canal a vital shipping route from the Mediterranean to the Red sea. The USA also wanted to solidify the capitalist